„How can we optimize our workflows in engineering?"
„How competitive are our existing software tools?"
„Are we using them in the most efficient way?"
„How come, our competition can offer such a price?"

If these are some of the questions puzzling your engineering department, give us a call.
We can offer you services that may give you more tranparency and new perspectives.

And of course, this is done at very attractive rates!


Our service in detail:


pfeil COMOS Customizing

pfeil COMOS Hosting

pfeil UBIK®- The Augmented Reality Solution


The Enas competence:

COMOS Detail Know-How
We know COMOS since 1997, when it was born. We have grown together with Comos , have had almost any imaginable „problem" in one of our numerous earlier projects already, so we have a good chance to know how to avoid or steer around it. Our main focus in customizing is on:
  • Labeling systems, tag coding, structures, general database organization
  • COMOS BASIC -> datasheets, lists, equipment attributation
  • COMOS P&ID -> Process design, P&IDs, PFDs, ...
  • COMOS E&IC -> Electrical, Instrumentation and Control from Single Line to Loop Drawings
Industrial Experience
Independent of our COMOS experience, we have also proven our competence as automation engineers in many industrial projects. The design and control of small high-tech units as well as dimensioning the whole electrical supply system for medium to large industrial plants has been part of our scope.
Flexible and Worldwide Availability
Fluent business English in combination with extendable knowledge of a third language is one of Enas‘ essential requirements for job applicants. Additionally, the will to travel and high level of curiosity towards everything „new" and „different" means we are assignable all over the world. Not only in theory, as our reference list shows.
Quick Decisions/Direct Access
Enas is independent of corporate structures and without any hierarchies. Executive management at Enas means that the management is part of project execution. Short communication lines and decisions driven by practice and ambition uniquely qualify us above our competion.