CHS - The COMOS Hosting Service

Outsource Your Entire COMOS Infrastructure!

We provide you with the required COMOS infrastructure. We take care of all relevant servers, operating systems, terminal servers, back-up strategies and the administration of user rights. User access can be additionally secured with SecurID Tokens.


Your advantages:  

Highest Availability of Your COMOS System
Our cooperating data centers guarantee us and our clients a 99.8% availability. Can your internal IT provide the same?
Maximum Performance Guaranteed
Outsourcing your servers to us gives you a 100% guarantee that your hardware will be exclusively used for your COMOS application and database. To ensure the highest performance and stability levels that are technically possible for your most valuable information. Our data centers are provided with several redundant internet connections, each of them at a bandwith of 10GBit/s to lower the risks for any bottle necks to an absolute minimum.
Total Security


All our data centers are highly protected against any unauthorized access. With physical entrance controls and numerous cascaded firewalls against cyber-attacks, an unauthorized external access to hardware or data becomes virtually impossible. Additionally, we can optionally further protect your system with secured access SecurID Tokens. All backups of your COMOS data will be handled locally by an explicit, designated backup server. Additionally we can offer you load balancing to distribute your data over several data centers.




Individual Scalability
Thanks to our short contract periods you can add or remove users anytime you like, depending on your individual workload situation. Together with the high flexibility of the COMOS License Management this results in an ultimate high scalability. Besides, we have exclusive flat rate contracts with our data centers; the traffic you produce does not result in higher or hidden costs.
Enas Quality
Besides professional competence and excellent IT administration knowledge our team offers you detailed COMOS know-how, founded on our wide experience and the highest commitment of each employee.